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5 Destinations for Your Next Getaway from Las Vegas

September 19, 2018

Planning a trip involving a private jet or aircraft can open up some possibilities that are just not an option when traveling commercially. If you’re looking for a new, exciting destination to travel to this year, there are plenty of options both internationally and domestically. Although the process is simpler, it is still very important that you review the requirements for any international travel and be prepared for customs as you would on a commercial flight (but most customs operations at non-commercial airports are usually significantly easier and quicker). Check out a few picks for both international travel and domestic travel by private plane - taking off from your local Las Vegas airplane hangar - Cheyenne Air Center:

International Destinations:

Patagonia - Shared space within Chile and Argentina, South America
patagonia private flight

The South American destination offers a lot in terms of recreation outdoors - it is home to many different opportunities to play in nature, explore extraordinary views, and interact or see some interesting wildlife. There are many hiking trails to explore once you’ve arrived, the most popular being the ‘W’ hike on Torres del Paine. You’ll find yourself able to see the Andean Condors of the area as well as explore things like glaciers and caves during your trek.

For the most adventurous types, Patagonia is where you can hike an actual glacier as well. It involves harness and ice picks, but such a unique experience definitely draws a crowd, so you may encounter large groups of people on this particular excursion.

On the side bordering the Atlantic Ocean, you can watch for whales along the coast of the peninsula, along with other forms of wildlife like armadillo. Another one-of-a-kind type of experience is visiting a small island off the coast, with a town called “Fin de Mundo” - which means, end of the world, as the only body of land past this island is Antarctica, truly the bottom of the world!

For the planning adventurers out there, REI has some great resources as well as Patagonia trips you can be a part of and join in the fun with others during your excursion.


If you aren’t looking for anything of the extreme-kind of destination and something more likely to feature an umbrella in your drink, the Maldives are an incredibly beautiful sight to behold. These islands sit between Indonesia and Africa and consist of over 1,000 islands interconnected with sandbars and are actually only 4 feet above sea level, one of the lowest points of land in the world.
maldives private flight

It might be the perfect destination for your private plane to be of real use, depending on where you are planning to stay or where you might travel during your time there. While you can fly between main islands of interest, you might also boat in between your destinations. You can take a leisurely cruise in a glass-bottomed boat to experience the wildlife that flourishes under the intensely aqua waters below.

Scuba or snorkel-enthusiasts find Maldives to be something of a treasure, since the ocean life thrives in this area. There are plenty of neon fish, sea turtles, and even whale shark you might be able to spot during your explorations.

You’ll be able to enjoy many modern amenities on these islands as well, like golf, luxury hotels, and plenty of accommodating services like transportation and butlers. Another famed experience you can find in Maldives is an underwater restaurant at the Conrad Rangali Hotel. With everything spectacular, be sure to make your reservations and plans as far in advance as possible.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

This ultra exclusive destination cannot actually be reached by commercial planes. You can, however, fly private into the airport in St. Moritz. All other travelers can only access this place by train, bus, or car otherwise.
st moritz switzerland private flight

Situated in the Swiss Alps, the area of St. Moritz offers the best in terms of luxury. You can pamper yourself in many different ways, including exclusive spa visits or high tea at the most famous hotel in the Alps - Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Another popular place to visit nearby is Lake Como, a favorite of some high-profile actors and celebrities - the perfect place for a day trip to experience another locale.

Domestic Destinations:

Lanai, HI

To get to this super-private destination on Lanai, HI, travelers typically have to fly commercially into Honolulu, then fly on a smaller plane or ferry to reach Lanai. If you have the ability (and logistically speaking, are able) to fly directly into Lanai Airport, it could save precious time to experience more on the island during your trip.
lanai hawaii private flight

As with anywhere within the Hawaiian Islands, there are plentiful gorgeous beaches to soak up the sun and unwind. This island boasts more of a road-less-traveled type of environment, as it is less developed and more raw with natural growth and vegetation. It is a popular destination for those in the public eye, since the area is completely secluded and private once you arrive. You can take advantage of the fantastic sea life with snorkeling and scuba adventures, or hike through the forests to really place yourself in the heart of the island.

The lunar-esque attraction called Keahiakawelo is a short drive from Lanai City, and is an expanse of strange topography of a rock garden that provides a unique experience for all its visitors.

Telluride, CO

The typical visitor to Telluride, CO can fly into Montrose or Denver, then travel the remaining distance by another short flight into Telluride or a drive. If you are flying by private plane, you can fly directly into Telluride Regional Airport (TEX).
telluride colorado private flight

Every season in Telluride is beautiful, with plenty of activities and things to do at any time during the year. If you’ve never been, taking the ride on the famous Gondola allows you to see the expanse of the area like you could never have otherwise. The gondola actually connects you between Telluride and Mountain Village - which is a part of the experience of visiting the area. The town of Telluride is tiny - only 8 blocks by 12, so exploring the neighboring Mountain Village is a great way to pass the time.

Looking for new places to add to your travel list? Check in with us at Cheyenne Air Center to learn about new places to see on your private plane and help to guide you toward some dreamy destinations. Contact us today to learn about reserving space in our airplane hangars or to learn more about what we offer at Cheyenne Air Center.

What to Remember for Your Private Flight from Las Vegas

August 24, 2018

It is a different experience departing and arriving at a private airport compared to commercial airports and flights. The process itself is very different, so the protocol for arriving and packing for a commercial flight tend to differ from flying private. It is definitely the best in terms of luxury and convenience, so if you have the opportunity, it is important to know what you should pack and bring with you, as well as what the process is when you fly private.
packing for private flight from las vegas

Luggage or Packed Bags

You’ll need to check in with the company or person operating the flight to see if there are going to be any restrictions for the flight. Sometimes there may be others on the plane and you’ll need to know about total weight restrictions for safety. This can be taken into consideration when you are planning your baggage to take along with you on the plane. Packing light is always in style, so try to bring light layers for your clothing and minimize heavier items like shoes.

The airplane charter service or the person hosting your flight can inform you about any restrictions in things you can pack in your bag, but since private flights don’t use commercial airport security procedures, these restrictions are usually less specific. You could have a limitation on what can be brought on the plane based on where you are flying or how long you’ll be in flight.

Customs or Traditions

Private flying is a lot more personal than flying commercial. Sometimes there are certain customs or traditions that still go along with flying private, and it lends itself to the more glamorous side of flying. It might be appropriate, depending on the circumstances of your flight, to bring a small token of appreciation for the person who is hosting the flight or the person who has hosted you on the plane.

While usually there is no official dress code for private flying, if you are taking a private flight for a work function or for a business trip, it is typically recommended that you wear business or business casual attire. A safe bet is always to wear something that is appropriate for work if you are visiting at a work-related location.

Utilizing the Unique Surroundings

There are a few things to think about when planning to take a private flight - and one thing to plan is how you will best take advantage of these unique surroundings when traveling. There are things you can do while flying on a private plane that you cannot do on commercial flights. Because it is such a private space, you could potentially be extremely productive with work. If you are on the flight for business, you could likely have a quiet stretch of time to get some things accomplished that are on your to-do list.

Business travelers might be heading to a destination where they will go right back into meetings or work-related events. The time in-flight can be used to prepare, change into your intended attire for the next event, and prepare yourself before departing the plane and heading straight to the location instead of needing to do those things at the hotel.

If you are on a flight alone or with friends and family, you might want to set up and enjoy a movie during your flight - and the advantage of flying private is, you can use the speakers instead of headphones. Enjoy the experience of the movie similar to how you might at home!
passport for private flight

Security Measures

Private Flyers definitely get to experience the joy of skipping the long airport security clearance lines with their shoes off and personal effects in a small plastic bin. But although you won’t go through the same process as the commercial airlines, you still have a few things to remember to have with you at all times. Identification is required at all times, so be 100% sure you have your ID on you for your flight. You’ll need to remember to bring any internationally required documentation depending on where you are traveling, along with your passport. It is a smart idea to always keep some form of identification on you for safety purposes as well.
private airport in Las Vegas

Non-Traditional Benefits of Flying Private

Traveling private affords you the luxury of potentially bringing some things that you normally cannot bring with you or use things that you couldn’t use on a commercial flight. One major benefit could be that you can take your pets with you - depending on the flight you are taking or the plane you will be flying, you might be able to just bring the whole family. If you are able to bring a guitar or the instrument of choice, you can, from the comfort of the private airplane and those on board, get out your guitar and play if you like. That is something very unique to flying private. You can truly just make yourself comfortable at home on your plane, change into something more comfortable for long flight, or kick off your shoes to read or work for a while.

Traveling on a private plane is a unique experience with a unique set of procedures and ways to make the most of it. If you’re preparing for your first time on a private flight, or you have been on many in the past, it is always smart to check in with the host of the whole operation to see what you’ll need to know to be respectful and smart throughout the process.

If you’re an airplane owner looking to rent or buy a space for your private plane, Cheyenne Air Center can assist you with all the logistics. Contact our team to learn more about what we offer at our facilities as well as how we can help you take flight with ease. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to learn more helpful flying and traveling tips from the crew at Cheyenne Air Center.

The Convenience of a Private, Local Airplane Hangar in Las Vegas

August 3, 2018

Anyone who owns an aircraft knows the investment that comes with that type of purchase. More than just buying the actual aircraft are all the accompanying costs and duties associated, which can definitely stack up if you aren’t planning properly during your ownership. Some people don’t realize that they can actually come out in a better monetary position after making such an investment if they utilize professional services instead of going at it alone. There are some major draws to renting a private, local airplane hangar in Las Vegas for your precious investment - including a better long-term return if monitored correctly. At Cheyenne Air Center, we offer the best private aircraft hangars in North Las Vegas and the surrounding areas at a convenient, local location to easily visit.

Amenities and Convenience

With the expanse of the desert surrounding the Las Vegas valley, there are residents who have the space needed on their property to house something as large as an aircraft. Some people might think that it is more cost-effective to build or purchase a structure to store their aircraft in on their property and keep things close to home. But what these folks are not considering is the maintenance costs, facility features, and travel/transport time and costs associated with this type of setup. If you rent a private hangar at a commercial space, you have all the amenities they offer with attention to detail for you - as you are the customer. You can enjoy access to cleaning supplies, plenty of space for any associated maintenance tasks (they can be numerous), as well as the convenience of driving that aircraft right out the hangar door and onto the tarmac. Your own personal storage space for an aircraft will likely not have the hookups for visibility, fuel, maintenance, and certainly no tarmac or runway for easy take-off.

Reliable Service

Another aspect of a private hangar rental is that it is operated by a professional staff. At Cheyenne Air Center, you have access to features that you might not have otherwise at a personal hangar space or another type of storage facility. Part appeal is the experience of the staff on-site. If you are a frequent traveler or store your aircraft in a hangar outside of your home city, it can definitely provide some peace of mind knowing there are experienced professionals who can assist in answering questions or providing any amenities like fuel - one of our fuel specialists can provide service for your aircraft while you're in our facility.
airplane hangar las vegas

Ease in Storage

One major thing to consider when planning whether to rent your hangar space locally or somewhere else in the country is thinking about where you most often fly out or in to/from. Even if you main residence is in Southern California, for instance, you might save a lot long-term by keeping your aircraft at our facility in North Las Vegas, as the space is much more expansive and less likely to be fully occupied on your trips in or out of Las Vegas for business. As an easy place to get to or from, Las Vegas is an affordable trip for most, and if you are also saving money by keeping your aircraft there, you’ll be affording yourself more flexibility. If you often fly in at odd times or popular times, Cheyenne Air Center is a good choice to ensure your hangar is readily available for you when you arrive and there is plenty of space for ease in storage long-term as well.

Increased Flexibility

Renting your hangar locally in North Las Vegas also gives you some flexibility in terms of travel. As a city which doesn't experience much in the way of extreme weather, you can expect that for the majority of the year, you won’t be faced with too harsh of inclement weather. This might make it easy for your inbound flight to get back into the city after traveling, or just provide ease in taking off and more flexibility in your ability to travel when you like or are required. As a popular travel destination, commercial flights to Las Vegas are frequent and generally inexpensive from most locations in the country and can offer any guests or passengers planning to travel private with you with the best and easiest option to get the trip started.

With so many benefits of renting a private, local airplane hangar in Las Vegas, it is hard to imagine doing it any other way. As a plane owner, it is important to protect such a large investment in the smartest ways possible, to increase any return on your investment that exists while also maintaining things with the best tools at your disposal. At Cheyenne Air Center, you can rent your hangar only 5 miles from the downtown area of Las Vegas, making it an extremely convenient location for travelers. Our hangar units come appointed with hot and cold water, insulation, finished floors, electric scissor doors, and easy access to the runways to get you where you are going quicker. No matter what size your aircraft, we have the space to accommodate - our hangar rental space ranges from 4,200 square feet to 13,750 square feet to ensure you have the room needed for your investment. Another great feature about renting with Cheyenne Air Center is the personal gate security access and parking spaces available. You can visit when you like and never have to worry about finding parking to store your vehicles during your trips out of town.

Ready to inquire about a space for your aircraft? Call our offices at Cheyenne Air Center today to learn more about how we can accommodate your needs for airplane hangar rentals in North Las Vegas. Not looking to rent? We offer spaces for sale for the long-term investor and would be happy to give you a tour of our available facilities. Visit us online to contact us directly as well.

Planes in Flight: How Your Aircraft Works After Leaving the Private Hangar

July 10, 2018

You might be an avid plane enthusiast, an aviation expert, plane-owner, or maybe just have a great love of travel, but whatever brings your attention to airplanes, the science of how they operate is fascinating. Hopping in your jet and making your way across the country is now a feat that is commonplace and a fairly normal trek to take on a plane. Flight and plane flight is one of mankind’s greatest inventions - and it is hard to believe we only discovered the principles of this invention a century ago. While many people are familiar with Newton’s law of motion and how the actual ability to take flight works, it is interesting to look at the mechanics of it all and review how these scientific discoveries changed the face of how we connect to one another and the rest of the world.

The Magic Combination

A plane in flight requires four key elements to maintain its flight and trajectory and is further maintained through the balance of it all. Lift and weight must be in balance with one another, as well as thrust and drag. Thrust is what is pushing or propelling the plane forward, while takeoff or scaling higher in the sky is achieved by applying greater thrust in relation to drag. The resistance of the air itself is what creates drag, so offsetting this resistance is what will allow the plane to climb and continue to move forward.
private airplane hangar las vegas

As with the thrust and drag working in balance with one another, the upward thrust also contributes and works in conjunction with lift. As more application of thrust is applied upward, the plane’s lift is increased and it enables the plane to rise in the air offsetting the weight of the mechanism itself. The two main mechanical components which creates these forces are the engines and the wings. The engines are responsible for the propulsion, or thrust, while the wings allow for air to move across them and down toward the ground, creating the upward movement necessary for flight.

Key Difference in Planes

Some people wonder about the difference between flight in planes or aircrafts as opposed to other types of flying mechanisms like gliders, parasailing, or even something as small as a paper airplane. The same principles apply, but to achieve the steady and controlled motion associated with air travel, the machine must use an engine. The glider will be able to fly, even to scale upward through utilizing some of nature’s own flight assistance - we know that heat rises, and pockets of heat coming from the ground on the earth’s surface can be found up in the air as well. A glider would be able to pinpoint these pockets of air and “ride” them upward to gain height while flying in the air, but otherwise would not be able to propel themselves up higher in the sky.

The key difference in planes is this ability to control and propel itself in a certain direction in conjunction with lift, for which the engine is responsible. The air is moved through the engines and over the wings at a very rapid speed, allowing for fast movement through the air and lots of lift as needed.
private plane flights las vegas

Wind Beneath the Wings

The wings are such a critical component to understanding plane flight as they have a very specific and important role in managing this feat. Looking at the wing of an airplane, you will notice that the front edge of the wing is curved. The reason this front edge is curved and the back edge is not is due to the pressure within the air itself. Imagine cutting something with a knife versus the backside of a spoon. The knife would give you the same type of cut on either side of the utensil, while the spoon would create a different scenario entirely. The curved edge on the wing of a plane lessens the air pressure on the top side of the wing, spreading it out further than a sharp edge would. The curve moves the air up and over, while forcing it back down again and increasing the pressure below. This is what happens as the plane is able to make an upward descent. Wings essentially break the pressure at the top to allow the plane to move upward more easily, while providing additional force and pressure below the wing to assist with lift.

Balance is Essential

As mentioned previously, all the components of a plane and its parts work in balance to allow the wonder that is plane flight to occur. When it comes to steering a plane, it is easy to think about turning right or left just as you would in your vehicle on the road, but it is of course a bit more complicated than that. In order to steer the plane in a certain direction, the pilot is required to tilt the plane or “bank” to the sides, shifting the balance of the plane itself. This shift in balance will result in the plane losing altitude as the pressure shifts around it and lift or pressure is increased on one side stronger than the other.

Whether you own a plane, charter, or just plan to purchase your dream aviation technology in the future, the wonders of plane flight are always an interesting concept to review and understand. Learning about how the plane itself operates and what is possible within the boundaries of what we have discovered helps you understand the importance of the other aspects of plane flight like luggage on the plane, balancing the weight, or even the need for and weight of fuel.

Keep up with all things aviation with Cheyenne Air Center in Las Vegas. We work to provide flight enthusiasts and private plane owners with a beautiful, clean, and functional hangar to house their winged machines of any size. With easy access, amenities, and helpful advice for our tenants, our facilities offer the best option for renting a private hangar in the Las Vegas area.

Chartering Your Private Jet - Getting Started

June 22, 2018

Your private plane or jet is an investment, a sizable one. While it makes your travels exponentially easier in terms of navigating airports, dealing with security measures, other passengers, and all of the other logistics that come with flying commercial, it definitely takes it’s toll in the form of cost. A brand new plane or jet comes with a price tag on average of anywhere from $3 million to $90 million. If you are a frequent flyer, whether for business or entertainment, you can definitely recoup the cost though use, although each trip does of course come with the cost of maintenance, equipment, fuel, etc. However, if you are not a very frequent flyer or sometimes still fly commercial, there are smart ways to recoup extra costs, like chartering your jet when you aren’t using it for personal travel.

Research & Follow Guidelines

Chartering your jet might sound simple in theory, but with regulatory agencies and necessary security restrictions, it is important to know the ground rules before getting into the game. One of the most important rules is put in place by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), a faction of the Department of Transportation with steadfast guidelines on how planes and pilots may operate their equipment or business. Your aircraft must have been issued an air carrier certificate in order to be eligible to operate any type of charter. Aircraft management companies can be a great way to go about following all regulatory practices without doing all the research on your own - they can help with determining what is needed to begin operating and manage the business as it continues.

Once You Own Your Jet

After you have made the purchase, the process begins on the road toward chartering your plane. Before collecting any revenue from a service, the process of compliance can take several months to complete. One way to ensure this process moves as smooth and quickly as possible is working with experts in the industry who have experience managing the conforming processes. Typically these include required maintenance tasks, regulatory testing and inspection by FAA, reviewing historical records of past maintenance and regulation conformity, among other things involving your staff or crew.

Benefits of Working with a Management Company

Air carrier certificates are not all equal in terms of what they do or how restrictive they are. Aircraft management companies who already possess or have experience working with certification can be to your benefit in many ways. One major way that it can impact you directly is where your aircraft is permitted to travel. Some certificates will restrict an aircraft from traveling to certain destinations, for instance, internationally, so this might be an important consideration if you intend on flying to far away places or other countries. It is important to know what these restrictions are, because you might be permitted to fly to Canada, but potentially not Hawaii. Without the proper experience with the type of aircraft and permissions involved, the process can be quite lengthy with small interferences sometimes prolonging things.

Typically when operating a business as an aircraft owner, the duties associated with properly managing things can become burdensome to one single individual. Coordinating with pilots, crew, dispatch, safety personnel, and others can stack layers of work onto one person’s to-do list, so employing the expertise and operational ease of a management company can ease that burden exponentially. Due to the extent of the process of conformity alone, an expert team can be the solution to resolve issues without any delay as well as remove some of the discovery process while aircraft owners learn about what is involved in that process.

Managing your charter service through a management company also allows you as an aircraft owner to delegate many of the tasks while maintaining a single point of contact for your business relations. They would be well-versed in the knowledge that is applicable to your business practices and leave all of the other unimportant or non “need-to-know” info out of the regular reporting or communications.

Some Important Considerations

While chartering your private plane or jet can recoup costs or investment you have in place for your equipment, there are some important considerations to make in the decision-making process of chartering. Just as with your car or truck that you drive regularly, the more you drive and utilize its capabilities, the more maintenance and upkeep is required due to normal wear and tear on the equipment. This is the same with any equipment, and jets are no different. While you might recoup costs in the service of the charter, you will also have expenses to consider in maintaining the operation.

Another measure to carefully consider before deciding to charter is that the plane should be available for a large portion of the year to be the most effective as a service. If you intend on keeping your jet occupied with your own schedule for the majority of the year, chances are a chartered service would not work out well in the long run. It is also important to remember that you will be giving access to your possession to others in this process, so growing comfortable with sharing that space (and expecting some issues, accidents or spills in the cabin, for instance) are to be expected.

So, how do you think your plan for chartering your jet sizes up? At Cheyenne Air Center hangars, we house some of Las Vegas’ most beautiful planes, jets, and more. Our facilities offer a clean, well-maintained atmosphere with friendly staff on site to assist with any needs our “residents” have. Our hangars come equipped with everything you’ll need, from finished floors and electric scissor doors to personal gate codes for easy access. Looking to learn about how you can rent a hangar space with us? Contact us online to get more information or to speak to a member of our team. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more useful articles and information for aircraft owners as well as community posts and events.