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Important Maintenance Tasks for Your Plane

January 1, 2019

Whether you are sharing ownership of your plane or have your own, it is important to understand the tasks involved in keeping things maintained and in proper order. There are in fact, rules and regulations for a performance standard for aircraft. The outlined standards of maintenance are required in order for your aircraft to be deemed operational and safe to use. Ensure you are ready at a moment’s notice to take flight and learn about some of the different ways your plane or aircraft will need to maintain:

Standards and Safety Practices Importance

Just as your vehicles are required to pass certain standards of maintenance and inspection, aircraft require the same types of measures in order to operate legally. The largest difference in maintenance regulation is somewhat obvious in its reasoning - each part or piece of the plane used in any maintenance operations must meet the performance standards of it being “aircraft-quality.” This simply means that the necessary changes or modifications to the plane must be specifically for the plane. From the minuscule parts like a bolt and those critical ones like the tires are included in this maintenance standard.

The Basics of Routine Maintenance

The Federal Aviation Administration determine the guidelines and regulations for aircrafts, airports, and air traffic. Their guidelines for aircraft maintenance are the basics you’ll need to know in order to comply with the current standards. The FAA determines “airworthiness” through a process of inspections or checks - A through D. The first two, A and B, are typical to routine maintenance and inspections, but the second set however, C and D are more specific - done in reference to usage or time. The latter two checks are more comprehensive and will mean a full detailed inspection of the whole aircraft.

Keeping Things Clean

You can save yourself some time during inspections if you take the time to pay attention to the details before inspections even begin. Make sure you are detailing your aircraft’s cleanliness before you have any needed checks for performance standards. Although it is not a glamorous task, it is necessary to keep your plane very clean to ensure your inspection process goes quicker and reduces the need for closer looks. The aircraft is required to be cleaned according to regulation, so give it an extra buff whenever it is needed and save yourself time in the long run.

Standards for Performance

If you plan on tackling any of the maintenance tasks on your own, you’ll need to make sure you are following the outlined standards for performance by the FAA. For every 100 hours of plane usage, the FAA requires inspection and maintenance where attention to detail is necessary. Luckily, the standards are outlined for owners or those working in aviation maintenance with clarity. You can view the Examiner and Inspector Handbook online to read more about some of the flight standards and safety information related to the list items needed to appropriately comply with their outlined directives.

Ensuring Safety

Maintaining proper routine inspections and other repairs involved in maintaining your vehicle will only further ensure the safety of the passengers flying on your aircraft. While you may be the one to use the plane more often, chances are others will take flight on your aircraft at some point. It is very important to be able to ensure your passengers that your aircraft abides by all federal guidelines to make them feel safe in flight. If you share ownership of your plane, you’ll need to ensure that all owners are on the same page with maintenance tasks. Make sure you have a clearly outlined plan for taking care of such tasks and develop a system of communication to make sure everyone is in the loop on any needed repairs. All owners should be well-versed in the standards of maintenance as well as performance standards for operating the plane.

Certified Technicians or Learning Yourself

Some plane owners prefer to learn the required maintenance tasks themselves instead of hiring an aviation technician. Although many of the steps for inspection are simple in nature, any owner will need to employ the skill of a professional to learn the ropes. You will need someone certified present in order to do the work and comply with the rules of safety standards. Owners of aircrafts may be aviation enthusiasts and enjoy doing the work needed to learn and perform some of the maintenance that is inevitable with a plane. You can learn more about the Aircraft Certification Technical Training Program available to you by the FAA. 

On the other hand, you can also use their repair station locator if you are in a pinch and aren’t able to use your normal method of maintenance.
At Cheyenne Air Center, you can work with and feel confident in our certified aviation technicians with many years of experience in the industry. If you’re looking for hangar space to hold your aircraft long-term, check in with our team to learn more about what we can offer.

Record Keeping Requirements

Although it may seem exhaustive, it is necessary that a record of all tasks related to maintenance be tracked and recorded according to FAA guidelines. This means, you will need to describe in considerable detail, the changes made, or repairs required for your aircraft. Any work performed is required to be recorded - along with the certified technician’s information and any reference to the FAA regulations that specifically apply.

Looking for more information about aircraft ownership? Check out our blog to read different resources related to ownership, hangar rentals, and some history about the airports or hangars in Las Vegas. At Cheyenne Air Center we aim to provide Southern Nevada with the most efficient, convenient location to store your aircraft in the southwestern region. Whether you require a hangar rental long term or short, our facilities are equipped to serve your needs. Contact us today to learn about our available space.

Highlights of Our Airplane Hangars

November 26, 2018

If you are in need of hangar space in Las Vegas, Cheyenne Air Center is your top option available. The team at our hangars is experienced and helpful and can provide you with everything you need to feel confident in storing and using your aircraft. There are many amenities provided at Cheyenne Air Center and our local facility is in a perfect location for access. Many people might not know the rich history Cheyenne Air Center has - with ties to Howard Hughes in the early days of Las Vegas and still operating today next to the North Las Vegas Airport. For private flight, the facilities allow ease in access along with many other benefits that accompany use of the hangars. Here are a few things to help make the decision easier if you are considering using Cheyenne Air Center hangar space:

Convenient Services

Hangar leasing is smart with Cheyenne Air Center, as we offer an affordable option for the people of Las Vegas. At our facility, we offer discounted products like Jet A Fuel and Prist. You can always expect to receive quality service from the professionals on our team like our certified fuel specialists, with over 25 years of experience working in this field. They’ll assist in towing your aircraft out of the hangar as well as fueling it up for you.

Our hangars provide space for many different types of aircraft including corporate jets, full-size airplanes, and single engine airplanes. There are many options to choose from to accommodate your aircraft, get in contact with us to check on availability for any particular hangar size needed. Our hangar rental space ranges from 4,200 square feet to 13,750 square feet to ensure you have the room needed for any size aircraft.

Added Benefits

Another option that some may not be aware of is the option to rent office spaces at Cheyenne Air Center. If you are looking to rent an aviation hangar and will need to secure a private office suite, we can provide for the corporate community.

Our hangars come appointed with many of the expected utilities like hot and cold water, as well as overhead lighting, but in addition, some added benefits to make your experience more enjoyable in your hangar. As a tenant of Cheyenne Air Center, you’ll have personal gate access to make it simple to access your aircraft at our facilities. With generous parking on the premises you won’t have to worry about meters or crowded lots. The hangars themselves are also fully insulated and feature electric bi-fold doors for easy towing and fueling up.

Rent or Own Spaces

Depending on your needs, it might be an option to rent the hangar space or to purchase it. If you are a corporate entity using the hangars for jets while operating out of the aviation offices, owning might be a smart option for you. If you have partners and are storing a shared plane, a rental could be more flexible and beneficial for any change in the future. With 15 hangar rentals at our location we can provide many different clients with the space and service they need to keep their aircraft out of the elements and serviced by experienced professionals.

Not sure what would be right for you? Contact the offices at Cheyenne Air Center to learn more about availability and pricing. Our team can help answer the questions you have to help you make the best decision.

Location is Key

Flying commercial is always more of a headache when it comes to getting to the airport and maneuvering through traffic on the highways to get to McCarran in Las Vegas. Flying private however, can be much less of a bother, especially when you avoid the entire area of the commercial airport. Consider the location of the North Las Vegas Airport and how easy it is to access it from any point in the city. From any side of town, you can usually take surface streets to reach the airport without stress, and when you get there, you’ll find plenty of parking to make the transition even easier.

On the other side, when you arrive to your destination in Las Vegas at the North LV Airport, you’ll only be a short drive away from any of the hotels and attractions you’ve come to see in Las Vegas.
cheyenne air center

Committed to Our Clients

As part of our service for clients and locals in the area of Las Vegas, we aim to provide great resources for you at any stage of your interest in aviation, aircraft ownership, rentals, etc. You can learn all about chartering planes and the process of getting started. We’ll deliver helpful tips and advice about the airplane purchasing process as well as interesting information about flight and the history of our airports in Las Vegas. You can follow us on Facebook to catch all of the information and read our blog to learn more.

We are always growing and improving with our clients and will continue to provide excellent service to our aviation tenants as we go. At Cheyenne Air Center, we are committed to delivering an affordable hangar leasing option to the Las Vegas community and focus on our quality services. Get in contact with our team to learn more about how you can lease a space in one of our hangars or our offices and how we work with our corporate community. If you’re interested in reserving your space, we can guide you through the process and ensure you have everything ready to suit your needs.
cheyenne air center

View our photo gallery to get a better view of the different hangar options we might have available to help you in your decision-making process. We can accommodate rentals, leasing, or purchasing as well as any options you might have requested in long term, short term, or transitional leasing or rentals.

Tips for Buying an Airplane

from Your Local Las Vegas Hangar

November 6, 2018

Just as it is with buying a vehicle of any kind, it can be a complicated process, but if you prepare yourself and do your research ahead of time, it can be very helpful during the process of buying a plane. Most people getting the process started will have a list of things that they have either had their mind set on or are looking for when selecting an airplane to purchase, and there are many questions to address. Here are a few things to consider while you are beginning your planning of the purchase of a private plane in Las Vegas:

Whether to Buy New

Just like with cars, a major consideration prospective plane owners need to consider is whether they will be purchasing new or used. While there are many similarities to the options when buying new or used planes as there are with other vehicles, some of the benefits will differ. Similar to cars, some new planes will have a warranty available with the purchase.

Considering that maintenance of a plane is an integral part of its use and constant upkeep, starting out with your first plane could be daunting if you aren’t prepared for the maintenance costs. A way to ensure you are equipped for the first year or so after purchasing your plane is by going with a new model that comes with a warranty to cover you while you learn more about what is needed. This way, you know how much you’ll be spending in the near future on the plane, and you might even be able to pay less interest on a new model as well.

Consider Your Use

Typically when you are shopping for a plane, you can be easily distracted by the features or some of the more luxurious options that might be at your disposal. It is very important to keep in mind the main use of the plane. You may be planning out your vacations with the family, but if the planes primary use will be business travel, consider the amenities which apply more directly to business necessities rather than group oriented features or options. Ultimately, you can rent a plane to suit your needs for a less regular trip, but it is best to shop for your plane based on the needs that will be required during most of its usage.
tips for buying a private plane

Another important consideration for usage of the prospective plane you are looking to purchase is the main use versus intended use of the previous owner if it is a used aircraft.

Be Ready to Test

After you’ve narrowed down your options for purchasable planes, it is wise to have a trusted mechanic and aviation experts able to assist you with inspections. Typically, owners or sellers will take a test flight with you so you are able to monitor the function and performance of the aircraft in flight. You can make notes about different rates to compare to an expert’s opinion about standards.
Along with testing out the plane, you’ll want to make sure the records and documentation of the plane are in order as well. Maintenance logs can illustrate any history of performance issues or past repairs to help you be aware of potential issues in the future.

Use Your Community

If you’re considering purchasing an aircraft, you should get in contact with another owner of a private plane to learn more about the smart ways to maintain and keep your plane as well as purchasing one in the first place. If you don’t know anyone who owns a plane personally or professionally, consider reaching out to a group or professional organization/club for aircraft owners. Some people wouldn’t think that you can join a group of this kind before owning a plane themselves, but it can be a very helpful resource when beginning the purchasing process.

Other owners can give you pointers on where to rent hangar space in Las Vegas, where the private airports are in the city, and some of the smart ways to keep things maintained as well. It can connect you with people who might provide you with answers to specific questions or opinions while potentially sharing a love of a specific manufacturer or aircraft.
tips for buying an airplane

Budget Requirements

One of the most obvious and important aspects of planning to purchase a plane is determining your budget. You’ll need to do your research to learn more about the types of options and associated pricing that exists on the market. Once you’ve determined your needs for options and amenities in the plane itself, you can begin to search for specific models or features to settle on a price range. Make sure you set your expectations and don’t get swayed by luxurious add-ons or features, decide on a sure budget and don’t waiver beyond the final numbers. Allow yourself to have a little extra room in the budget in case you find a great opportunity, but do not go overboard.

Have you considered purchasing your plane with others - partners in the ownership? This can help you offset some of the regular costs, but keep in mind that you will always have additional costs to include your pilot and the fuel necessary for your trip. It will depend upon how far you go and whether any special requirements are necessary to fully budget each trip or each year of ownership.

Take Advice

As with the inspection process, it is always smart to surround yourself with others who are more versed in the plane purchasing process. You might consider speaking with a lawyer to manage the documentation needed in order to begin the process as well as any necessary certificates. They can assist you in the the filings needed to transfer ownership and all other items in a purchasing agreement. In the long run, it will save you valuable time and ensure you have all your affairs in order.

Looking to connect with experts in the aviation industry as you get started on your plans to purchase an aircraft? Cheyenne Air Center is Las Vegas’ local private airplane hangar and serve many aircraft owners in the Vegas valley. Learn more about our hangars and some of the features we offer by following us on Facebook. We are growing and expanding with Las Vegas and look forward to connecting with new faces in the future.

Historic Cheyenne Air Center

October 22, 2018

Aviation and Las Vegas have had ties for quite some time, considering some airports are better than others for travel, Las Vegas provides an optimal location for private flyers to arrive or depart with the most ease. Other than its prime location Las Vegas was also home for many years to the very well-known aviator, Howard Hughes. Many people know Hughes was extremely involved in the Las Vegas valley in the 60s and beyond, and naturally, beyond his ownership and intention of possessing many hotels and casinos, he also owned airplane hangars and airports in the area. Even a well-known area of town, Summerlin, has ties to Hughes - he once purchased 25,000 acres near Red Rock Canyon which is now developed and named for his grandmother, Jean Amelia Summerlin.

Hughes’ Aviation Involvement in Las Vegas

Among land, developments, and properties on the Strip, Howard Hughes actually once owned the airport next to what we now know as Cheyenne Air Center. In 1968, actually, was when the purchase occurred. He had acquired the entirety of the North Las Vegas Airport along with the surrounding 1,300 acres and nearby television station, KLAS. His aspirations for the city of Las Vegas’ aviation capabilities were lofty however, and he never achieved what he had set his sights on back in the 60s.

Las Vegas Airports in Hughes Era

While McCarran International Airport was established while Hughes became interested in Las Vegas, he had always had his sights on it to some degree. While one of his companies had owned the private terminal at McCarran for years, the licensing of slot machines for the terminal was a signal to federal officials of his involvement with the Las Vegas casino, hotel, and other industries. Regardless, he was able to purchase plenty of other ventures throughout the valley, like a large chunk of hotels on the strip, as well as, and most importantly — the North Las Vegas Private Airport. His aspirations included the creation of a supersonic jet terminal to create new industrial possibilities for the city of Las Vegas. Of course, this development never was brought into fruition - most of the current Howard Hughes Corp developments involve real estate or land dealings.

Current Uses and Benefits of Cheyenne Air Center

Many could see why the acquisition of the North Las Vegas airport was an optimal choice for Hughes - the location of the airport makes it significantly easier to navigate. Getting to or from the airport as compared to McCarran is entirely different - you can take surface streets from almost anywhere in town, and the airport is so centrally located to the ever-expanding Las Vegas valley that it is a short journey to the airport from nearly anywhere in town.

Another main benefit of the location of the airport for private flyers is not needing to deal with the main commercial airport traffic and routes. Getting to McCarran airport’s private terminal can be tricky - especially at high traffic times. Since the airport is so close to the Strip, the surrounding surface streets are usually busy and congested, and with two highways intersecting and leading into the airport itself, it can be a confusing drive for those unfamiliar. Cheyenne Air Center and the North Las Vegas Airport offer private flyers a unique convenience that isn’t found elsewhere in the city.

Las Vegas’ Rich History

The name, Howard Hughes, is seen all over Las Vegas, but there are so many different ventures his name no longer remains. Las Vegas has such a rich history with contributions from well-known characters like Hughes, and it is interesting to learn about how things came to be in the city so many of us call home. As far as aviation is concerned, Hughes’ contributions and affiliations definitely show his love of the industry. Who knows what the city might look like today had he succeeded in building the city’s own supersonic aircraft terminal.

Cheyenne Air Center - Continuing to Grow and Expand

Just like Hughes, Cheyenne Air Center has plans for the future and plans for growth. We’ve been hard at work considering the possibilities for our facility and the local area and are excited for the new opportunities awaiting us. Utilizing the surrounding land will allow for Cheyenne Air Center to grow and expand as we enhance our capabilities. We are excited to share all the new developments as we go and provide more for the North Las Vegas community!

Looking for more information about the airport? The team at Cheyenne Air Center in North Las Vegas is happy to assist private flyers and aircraft owners with their needs. Considering the convenience of our location, many Las Vegas residents or frequent visitors prefer our facilities to store or maintain their aircraft primarily. Considering renting hangar space or office space with Cheyenne Air Center? Learn more about what we offer and what we have available by contacting us online directly or by giving us a call during business hours — we’re happy to address your needs!

Interesting in learning more about the airport, Las Vegas’ history, or aviation? Follow Cheyenne Air Center on Facebook to get the latest updates on our upcoming developments and tips for private flyers or aircraft charters.


5 Destinations for Your Next Getaway from Las Vegas

September 19, 2018

Planning a trip involving a private jet or aircraft can open up some possibilities that are just not an option when traveling commercially. If you’re looking for a new, exciting destination to travel to this year, there are plenty of options both internationally and domestically. Although the process is simpler, it is still very important that you review the requirements for any international travel and be prepared for customs as you would on a commercial flight (but most customs operations at non-commercial airports are usually significantly easier and quicker). Check out a few picks for both international travel and domestic travel by private plane - taking off from your local Las Vegas airplane hangar - Cheyenne Air Center:

International Destinations:

Patagonia - Shared space within Chile and Argentina, South America
patagonia private flight

The South American destination offers a lot in terms of recreation outdoors - it is home to many different opportunities to play in nature, explore extraordinary views, and interact or see some interesting wildlife. There are many hiking trails to explore once you’ve arrived, the most popular being the ‘W’ hike on Torres del Paine. You’ll find yourself able to see the Andean Condors of the area as well as explore things like glaciers and caves during your trek.

For the most adventurous types, Patagonia is where you can hike an actual glacier as well. It involves harness and ice picks, but such a unique experience definitely draws a crowd, so you may encounter large groups of people on this particular excursion.

On the side bordering the Atlantic Ocean, you can watch for whales along the coast of the peninsula, along with other forms of wildlife like armadillo. Another one-of-a-kind type of experience is visiting a small island off the coast, with a town called “Fin de Mundo” - which means, end of the world, as the only body of land past this island is Antarctica, truly the bottom of the world!

For the planning adventurers out there, REI has some great resources as well as Patagonia trips you can be a part of and join in the fun with others during your excursion.


If you aren’t looking for anything of the extreme-kind of destination and something more likely to feature an umbrella in your drink, the Maldives are an incredibly beautiful sight to behold. These islands sit between Indonesia and Africa and consist of over 1,000 islands interconnected with sandbars and are actually only 4 feet above sea level, one of the lowest points of land in the world.
maldives private flight

It might be the perfect destination for your private plane to be of real use, depending on where you are planning to stay or where you might travel during your time there. While you can fly between main islands of interest, you might also boat in between your destinations. You can take a leisurely cruise in a glass-bottomed boat to experience the wildlife that flourishes under the intensely aqua waters below.

Scuba or snorkel-enthusiasts find Maldives to be something of a treasure, since the ocean life thrives in this area. There are plenty of neon fish, sea turtles, and even whale shark you might be able to spot during your explorations.

You’ll be able to enjoy many modern amenities on these islands as well, like golf, luxury hotels, and plenty of accommodating services like transportation and butlers. Another famed experience you can find in Maldives is an underwater restaurant at the Conrad Rangali Hotel. With everything spectacular, be sure to make your reservations and plans as far in advance as possible.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

This ultra exclusive destination cannot actually be reached by commercial planes. You can, however, fly private into the airport in St. Moritz. All other travelers can only access this place by train, bus, or car otherwise.
st moritz switzerland private flight

Situated in the Swiss Alps, the area of St. Moritz offers the best in terms of luxury. You can pamper yourself in many different ways, including exclusive spa visits or high tea at the most famous hotel in the Alps - Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Another popular place to visit nearby is Lake Como, a favorite of some high-profile actors and celebrities - the perfect place for a day trip to experience another locale.

Domestic Destinations:

Lanai, HI

To get to this super-private destination on Lanai, HI, travelers typically have to fly commercially into Honolulu, then fly on a smaller plane or ferry to reach Lanai. If you have the ability (and logistically speaking, are able) to fly directly into Lanai Airport, it could save precious time to experience more on the island during your trip.
lanai hawaii private flight

As with anywhere within the Hawaiian Islands, there are plentiful gorgeous beaches to soak up the sun and unwind. This island boasts more of a road-less-traveled type of environment, as it is less developed and more raw with natural growth and vegetation. It is a popular destination for those in the public eye, since the area is completely secluded and private once you arrive. You can take advantage of the fantastic sea life with snorkeling and scuba adventures, or hike through the forests to really place yourself in the heart of the island.

The lunar-esque attraction called Keahiakawelo is a short drive from Lanai City, and is an expanse of strange topography of a rock garden that provides a unique experience for all its visitors.

Telluride, CO

The typical visitor to Telluride, CO can fly into Montrose or Denver, then travel the remaining distance by another short flight into Telluride or a drive. If you are flying by private plane, you can fly directly into Telluride Regional Airport (TEX).
telluride colorado private flight

Every season in Telluride is beautiful, with plenty of activities and things to do at any time during the year. If you’ve never been, taking the ride on the famous Gondola allows you to see the expanse of the area like you could never have otherwise. The gondola actually connects you between Telluride and Mountain Village - which is a part of the experience of visiting the area. The town of Telluride is tiny - only 8 blocks by 12, so exploring the neighboring Mountain Village is a great way to pass the time.

Looking for new places to add to your travel list? Check in with us at Cheyenne Air Center to learn about new places to see on your private plane and help to guide you toward some dreamy destinations. Contact us today to learn about reserving space in our airplane hangars or to learn more about what we offer at Cheyenne Air Center.