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What to Remember for Your Private Flight from Las Vegas

August 24, 2018

It is a different experience departing and arriving at a private airport compared to commercial airports and flights. The process itself is very different, so the protocol for arriving and packing for a commercial flight tend to differ from flying private. It is definitely the best in terms of luxury and convenience, so if you have the opportunity, it is important to know what you should pack and bring with you, as well as what the process is when you fly private.
packing for private flight from las vegas

Luggage or Packed Bags

You’ll need to check in with the company or person operating the flight to see if there are going to be any restrictions for the flight. Sometimes there may be others on the plane and you’ll need to know about total weight restrictions for safety. This can be taken into consideration when you are planning your baggage to take along with you on the plane. Packing light is always in style, so try to bring light layers for your clothing and minimize heavier items like shoes.

The airplane charter service or the person hosting your flight can inform you about any restrictions in things you can pack in your bag, but since private flights don’t use commercial airport security procedures, these restrictions are usually less specific. You could have a limitation on what can be brought on the plane based on where you are flying or how long you’ll be in flight.

Customs or Traditions

Private flying is a lot more personal than flying commercial. Sometimes there are certain customs or traditions that still go along with flying private, and it lends itself to the more glamorous side of flying. It might be appropriate, depending on the circumstances of your flight, to bring a small token of appreciation for the person who is hosting the flight or the person who has hosted you on the plane.

While usually there is no official dress code for private flying, if you are taking a private flight for a work function or for a business trip, it is typically recommended that you wear business or business casual attire. A safe bet is always to wear something that is appropriate for work if you are visiting at a work-related location.

Utilizing the Unique Surroundings

There are a few things to think about when planning to take a private flight - and one thing to plan is how you will best take advantage of these unique surroundings when traveling. There are things you can do while flying on a private plane that you cannot do on commercial flights. Because it is such a private space, you could potentially be extremely productive with work. If you are on the flight for business, you could likely have a quiet stretch of time to get some things accomplished that are on your to-do list.

Business travelers might be heading to a destination where they will go right back into meetings or work-related events. The time in-flight can be used to prepare, change into your intended attire for the next event, and prepare yourself before departing the plane and heading straight to the location instead of needing to do those things at the hotel.

If you are on a flight alone or with friends and family, you might want to set up and enjoy a movie during your flight - and the advantage of flying private is, you can use the speakers instead of headphones. Enjoy the experience of the movie similar to how you might at home!
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Security Measures

Private Flyers definitely get to experience the joy of skipping the long airport security clearance lines with their shoes off and personal effects in a small plastic bin. But although you won’t go through the same process as the commercial airlines, you still have a few things to remember to have with you at all times. Identification is required at all times, so be 100% sure you have your ID on you for your flight. You’ll need to remember to bring any internationally required documentation depending on where you are traveling, along with your passport. It is a smart idea to always keep some form of identification on you for safety purposes as well.
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Non-Traditional Benefits of Flying Private

Traveling private affords you the luxury of potentially bringing some things that you normally cannot bring with you or use things that you couldn’t use on a commercial flight. One major benefit could be that you can take your pets with you - depending on the flight you are taking or the plane you will be flying, you might be able to just bring the whole family. If you are able to bring a guitar or the instrument of choice, you can, from the comfort of the private airplane and those on board, get out your guitar and play if you like. That is something very unique to flying private. You can truly just make yourself comfortable at home on your plane, change into something more comfortable for long flight, or kick off your shoes to read or work for a while.

Traveling on a private plane is a unique experience with a unique set of procedures and ways to make the most of it. If you’re preparing for your first time on a private flight, or you have been on many in the past, it is always smart to check in with the host of the whole operation to see what you’ll need to know to be respectful and smart throughout the process.

If you’re an airplane owner looking to rent or buy a space for your private plane, Cheyenne Air Center can assist you with all the logistics. Contact our team to learn more about what we offer at our facilities as well as how we can help you take flight with ease. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to learn more helpful flying and traveling tips from the crew at Cheyenne Air Center.